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Pick A Pop Rental

Pick A Pop could be a prominent inclusion for any gathering. There are two sides playing at a time, Side A and Side B. Side A places prizes against the pipe. The player would then have to throw a 24 inch hoop to cover the entire box at once. Only then would they win the displayed prizes. For Side B there are about 250 lollipops. The players would have to pick one and the lucky ones would bear a painted end. For every painted end, the player gets an additional prize. For every non painted end, the player would keep the lollipop. It’s a guarantee that the player will walk away with something which is always fun. The great thing is that the number of winners are already known and you don’t have to guess how many prizes you’ll need. Consider adding Pick A Pop to your next event and expect to see a lot of happy guests.

  • Rent the Pick A Pop Carnival Game

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