18ft Deluxe Inflatable Slide Rental

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A bright and colorful inflatable ride, the 18ft Deluxe Inflatable Slide is a safe and fun slide for kids. The slip and slide inflatable has a 45 degree angle to the sliding surface. This is similar to slides in your favorite park. This slide angle removes the need for bulky slide bags. The slide also features shades at the top, which blocks sunlight and keeps riders from diving down the surface. With the dimensions of 30’x 11’x 18′, the Deluxe slide also features a non-wax ultra slick sliding surface. With heavy duty construction and high quality seam reinforcement this slide is perfect for large events. Book a high quality 18ft Deluxe inflatable slide for your next party in FL. Call us right away!

Length: 30′ | Width 11′ | Height 18′

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