Bank Shot Game Rental

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Bank Shot is a delightful carnival game that challenges players to test their aim, speed and geometry skills. Players roll a ball uphill, bank it off an elastic bungee cord and hope it rolls into one of the five holes. There are 4 green holes and one red. Players are given 3 balls and are challenged to go for the top prize by landing in the red hole. If the ball goes in the green hole then players win a smaller prize.

The Bank Shot carnival game has a wooden frame that is 50” long, 26” wide and 5” tall. You may be thinking, 3 balls, 5 holes, super simple. With the gaps between holes, middle divider and challenge of baking the balls at an angle, players will have a great time competing against other guests and themselves. If you’re looking for a carnival game rental that guests of all ages and abilities can play, then Bank Shot is the carnival game to choose.

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