Shuffleboard Game Rental

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Shuffleboard from AirFun Games combines the fun of air hockey & the challenge of bowling all in one. Dating back over 500 years, this classic carnival game has been created and played in many variations. The game measures 74″ long by 19″ wide & 6″ tall. Attract players with the bright red, yellow and green bowling pins. Each turn consists of 3 “pucks” that are slid down a wooden alley one at a time with the goal of flipping the bowling pins. Don’t cross the foul line or else that puck won’t count. Players will challenge themselves to beat their last turn and instigate friendly competition between other event goers watching the action. The Shuffleboard game rental is sure to be a crowd favorite.

By adding Shuffleboard to your carnival game lineup, you’ll attract players of all ages. Customize how players can win based on your event. 1 pin can win a small prize, 2 pins can win a medium prize and 3 pins wins the BIG prize. Make it more difficult and encourage them get 4 pins for a small prize & 6 pins for a large prize. The possibilities are endless. Trust AirFun Games to bring you the best lineup of carnival game rentals to your next church gathering, birthday party, neighborhood party or corporate event.

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