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Bumper Cars Rental Overview

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Ready to create one of the hottest events in town? Then take a look at our Bumper Cars rental. They are battery powered and portable providing high energy fun. Flexible setup options allow for indoor or outdoor events, we just need a hard flat surface for the setup. These are a perfect option for school parties, neighborhood carnivals and community events. They are the real deal, bringing the carnival experience to you.
Our Bumper Cars rental comes with an inflatable arena, making for a simple and safe setup at your event.. Adults or children can ride in our two seated cars. You’ll have so much fun chasing and racing each other around the arena while bumping around the track! Each car comes with a remote control to start and stop, adding to the safety. They also have lights on the front and rear. They even have music in each car.

This totally self-contained unit is very easy to set up and maintain. Be prepared for hours of bumping, racing, and just pure fun! Each ride goes for about 5 minutes and you can ride over and over again. Reserve today and let  AirFun Games bring the fun to you!

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