Face To Face Race Rental

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The Face-to-Face Race offers a unique, memorable competition for your next event. This one-of-a-kind speed climbing wall is built to give two competitors a chance to climb a 20-foot tall transparent wall, all while facing their opponent who is climbing up the other side. It will put a little friendly competition into your event as friends or co-workers face off in an epic climbing race.

Players climb the clear Acrylite surface by using handholds and footholds along the way. Safety always comes first for every amusement rental, so climbers wear safety gear while scaling the portable rock wall. Once given the signal, the two climbers race up the wall, with the added distraction of being able to see their opponents through the clear, ¾-inch wall they are climbing. To make sure the game is accurate, an LED timer displays the winning time while a light strip indicates the winner.

The Face-to-Face Climbing Race gives party guests a chance to test themselves with speed climbing, which is now one of the newest Olympic sports. It will draw a crowd of people who want to try the climb, as well as people who want to see who wins the race. It’s the perfect addition for any large event, including company parties, community festivals, college fall parties, school fundraisers and large church events.

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