27’ Pipeline Water Slide

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This 27 foot Pipeline Water Slide brings the excitement and fun of a waterpark to your next big event. Towering 27 feet into the air with a 70-foot slide, this giant water slide is the perfect attraction for a company party, seasonal festival or church fundraiser.

The fun starts with the climb up the inflatable stairs to the top of the 27’ Pipeline. The entire slide is made to look like a giant wave, and when you reach the top of the stairs, you’re standing at the crest of the wave. Riders sit at the top of one of the dual lanes and gravity takes care of the rest as they plunge down a steep drop and into the long slide. It’s an exhilarating ride! They then reach a soft, safe stop at the foot of the slide.

The dual lanes allow people to race each other to the bottom or for friends to have the experience together. Profile party planners at Air Fun Games will ensure you set the slide up safely and correctly, offering your guests the chance to experience the fast, fun experience of a giant water slide! For large events, the 27’ Pipeline Water Slide can provide the centerpiece entertainment that everyone will talk about long after the party is over.

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