22-Foot Double-Lane Rampage

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It’s called “rampage:” for a reason! This giant slide will tower over your next event, serving as a main attraction that offers your party guests an unforgettable experience. The dual-lane slide towers 22 feet in the air, with a striking ocean blue color, like a giant inflatable wave.

People walk the stairs to the top and then choose a lane, giving them a chance to race against each other or enjoy the thrills together. Either way, the Double-Lane Rampage does not disappoint. Using the latest design, the ride allows people to build up speed fast as they plunge toward the bottom, then allow their momentum to carry them up the smaller “wave” at the foot of the rampage. Chances are, they then will get up and go right back into line to do it again!

Kids will love the Rampage, and adults will appreciate the chance to have some old-fashioned fun. The Rampage is a great attraction for big parties, including company events, school fundraisers, church events, and community festivals.

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