King Croc Inflatable Slide Rental

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Some attractions draw a crowd just because they have an awesome design. The King Croc Slide definitely belongs in that category. Rent this crocodile themed slide for your next event and you won’t have to worry anymore about providing a memorable experience or a place to talk selfies and photos. The King Croc Slide is going to take care of that.

Towering 20 feet into the air, the slide features a giant crocodile that straddles the slide. By “giant” we mean you can see it from very, very far away. It also means that riders must climb stairs to the top of the slide and then glide down a lane that actually goes underneath the crocodile. People are going to talk about this one long after the event is over, even if they call it an alligator slide.

Adding to the coolness of this crocodile or alligator themed slide  is the fact that you can use it both as a dry slide or a water slide, it works well either way. It’s a great attraction for any type of event, including community festivals, corporate parties, church events, college festivals and school fundraisers. You simply cannot go wrong adding the King Croc Slide to your party.

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