3 Play Sports Game Inflatable Rental

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Step right up and test your sports skills! Your party guests will love the 3 Play inflatable sports carnival game that gives them the chance to try their hand at three different professional sports. Each one of them requires throwing or kicking an accurate ball in football, soccer and basketball. Players can try a shooting challenge in different lanes, making this an exciting attraction that turns a section of your party into a carnival midway!

Everyone will put up their best shots as they try to throw an accurate football to a receiver, kick a soccer ball past the goalkeeper or shoot a free throw. It’s a great way to promote exercise and healthy competition for your party guests, whether they are teens at a fundraiser or co-workers at a company party.

The 3 Play inflatable sports carnival game is a must for college events, school fundraisers or any work-sponsored event where team-building is the focus. The 3 Play will bring together players and onlookers into some fun competition while giving party guests to test their sports skills.

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