Connect Four Inflatable

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People who love playing Ginat Connect 4 are going to really love playing Inflatable Connect 4! It’s a new twist on the classic game, providing players the challenge of not only outwitting each other but also shooting balls through a basketball hoop. Now, that’s a game that people will want to play!

Inflatable Connect 4 comes with a giant board with six vertical columns on it, each topped with a hoop. Players use different colored balls (one uses red, the other blue) to shoot their balls into the column of their choice. In addition to making a good shot, they also are still playing Connect 4, which requires them to connect four same-colored balls in a row of four either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. They also are trying to block their opponent from “connecting four.”

Connect 4 is already a classic game of strategy, and the inflatable Connect 4 adds a whole new dimension. Even if you out-maneuver your opponent, you still have to make a shot to win! It’s great fun for adults and kids alike, and an entertaining addition to a big event, fundraiser, company party or church event.

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