Battle Axe Blacklight Axe Throw

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This takes popular battle axe throwing games to a new level. The Battle Axe Blacklight Axe Throw features an inflatable throwing area that is completely lit up with blacklight designs in blue, red, green and yellow. It’s a beautiful, impressive inflatable that also provides a fun game for party guests to play.

Players stand at the end of a short area bracketed by two blacklight walls and throw axes at a hoop and hook target. The axes are made of durable foam that makes them both safe and realistic. The game comes with three axes in orange and three in yellow. The gameplay works a lot like darts, with players taking turns throwing once. The one getting the most axes closest to the bullseye wins the round!

The Battle Axe game not only looks great, but it’s also a fun, unique game that gives people the opportunity to try axe throwing in a way they never have done before. It’s also a great way for novices to learn the game. The Battle Axe Blacklight Axe Throw provides a carnival midway experience unlike any other. It makes the perfect addition to your next big event, fundraiser or festival.

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