Criss Cross Collision Course Rental

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A whole new level of fun has come to Florida. The 75ft long Criss Cross Collision Course is the thrill you have been looking for. This game also know as the Human Hamster Ball is a race track that will create an absolute blast for kids and adults of all ages! With two spheres at a time you can race your friends in very different and fun way.

Watch out as the track is filled with different obstacles and varied terrains. For an added splash,  the Criss Cross Collision Course has four water traps that can be filled with several inches of water that add a whole new dimension to the game! When the player transitions from the dry track to the water trap, they hydroplane over the water and can lose traction allowing them to slow down and even lose total momentum, causing them to spin without gaining any ground for a short time.

The game operator as well as spectators can stand near the middle of the game and have a clear view of the players as they race towards victory lane. Call to reserve it from AirFun Games and let the Criss Cross Collision Course bring you hours of fun!

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