Double Lane Kahuna Water Slide Rental

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The Double Lane Kahuna Water Slide rental is a colorful water slide that will be perfect on a HOT summer day. Slide down the 19ft double lane water slide for a splashing good time! Accelerate your event with the enormous double lane Kahuna water slide for double the fun. Great for head to head races as well. Need a great huge water slide that will keep the lines small? This is the perfect rental for you since it can handle 2 riders at once. This double lane slide will be the ride of a lifetime for you and your guests, so don’t wait – book now before it is gone. Suitable for kids and adults. It’s huge size will amaze and entertain people of all ages! Can you handle the splashtastic fun? Only one way to find out, call today.

Length: 35′ | Width 18′ | Height 19′

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