Double-Lane Tiki Plunge 18’ and 22’ versions available

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If you want to add a big attraction that also allows people to race, why not make it tropical? The Double-Lane Tiki Plunge has all the fast fun of the single-lane version but allows people to race to the bottom on side-by-side lanes.

Fire up the competitiveness of people at your next big event and let them race to the bottom – or give couples and friends the chance to experience the thrills together! The Double-Lane Tiki Plunge is a great addition to your next big event, with eye-catching bright blue, yellow and orange colors and a striking design that includes two inflatable palm trees at the top of the slide.

Every party needs a centerpiece attraction, and the Double-Lane Tiki Plunge can fill that role at your next big event. Kids and adults alike will love this state-of-the-art slide that works both with and without water. Perfect for big neighborhood festivals, college events and company parties. Have some tropical fun at your next event! The Tiki Plunge is also available in the single-lane version, so you can get the one that works best for your event.

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