Full Court Press Basketball Game Rental

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A fun, fast-paced and an interactive inflatable ride, Full Court Press involves two players that make baskets using basketballs in their own courts. Making a basket results in the ball sliding over to the opponent’s court. The aim is to finish all the balls in one’s courts before the other player finishes his. Then, players also have to clear up the balls coming from the opponent’s side. Besides the excitement of the game, the 3D basketballs, a big shooting arm and colorful three-dimension “B’s” on the inflatable also makes for a huge draw. Hence, it is a must-have in carnivals, clubs and other outdoor events. This ride can also be converted into a single player game, where standard basketball shots can be made. So, to get this exciting new game rental for your party venue, anywhere in FL, simply give us a call!

Length: 16′ | Width 14′ | Height 17′

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