Giant Plinko

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All the best games get even better when they are giant-sized! That includes the carnival classic, Plinko, a staple attraction on midways for decades. Plinko has been a crowd favorite for so long for a simple reason – it’s easy and fun to play. And if you’re looking for the classic, original-sized version of Plinko, we have it too!

Adding Plinko to your large event, fundraiser or company party gives guests a chance to play a game that many will remember from their last visit to a county or state fair. Giant Plinko takes the game everyone knows and makes it bigger and more fun to play. The concept is the same: a large board is placed at an angle. Players place a giant coin at the top of the board and let it go. As the coin drops in a random, unpredictable path down the board, players will wait to see which one of the slots the coin lands in at the bottom.

Party organizers can determine ahead of time the outcome for each slot, including winning a prize, a top prize, or being asked to try again. The fun of Plinko is that the outcome is rarely the same twice for any player, making it a random and exciting experience every time they play. Give your party guests a carnival-style thrill at your next college event, school fundraiser, community festival and company party!

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