Tunnel and Slide Combo Rental

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Our Tunnel and Slide Combo is the perfect combination of fun for any family. It includes features such as an inflatable obstacle course, slides and even a tunnel. But that isn’t all it offers. The Tunnel and Slide Combo als0 has a rocky mountain climb, large jumping area and double sided access. Wow, it sure packs a lot into one package.

A comprehensive inflatable, the tunnel and slide combo measures 24’x24’x14′. Offering a wide range of play features for your guests.  This is an exciting ride for kids of all ages. If you too want to get this Tunnel and Slide combo installed at your next party in Florida, call us right away! You not only get great prices, but also truck loads of fun for your kids!

Length: 24′ | Width 24′ | Height 14′

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