Piraten KidZone Bounce House Rentals

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Nothing can bring a party down faster than a bunch of bored kids who don’t have anything to do. The Pirate KidZone is the antidote to that problem. It features all the things kids like in its design alone, which includes a pirate ship, giant octopus tentacles and a mermaid. Arr, mateys, what’s not to like?

The Pirate KidZone packs a lot of entertainment into a relatively small space: it’s 26 feet wide, 18 feet long and 17 feet high. It features a large bouncing area, a climbing wall and a slide. It also has the added benefit of being able to work with or without water. For extra safety, the inflatable has an X-TRA Grip™ climb cover that reduces slips. It also has specially designed, built-in drain holes that make it easier to drain when the party’s over.

The Pirate KidZone is perfect for large birthday parties. It also can provide a main attraction in the “kid’s zone” at a big community festival, fundraiser or even company party. Bored kids mean frustrated parents. You can eliminate that problem by giving kids something they will always love: the chance to play pirate!

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