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Event Rentals in the Tampa Bay Area For Large Parties

Event Rentals in the Tampa Bay Area For Large Parties | Event Checklist

If you’re overseeing a big party, you’re in luck. You have many options for event rentals in Tampa Bay to choose from that will make your party exciting and memorable. But since successful events revolve around the details, it’s also important to make a Tampa event checklist.

That checklist should include many common issues that party planners don’t always consider when planning an event. They include having a Plan B for Florida’s temperamental weather and a host of practical considerations, including licenses and permits.

Big Event Rentals in Tampa

Before getting to the checklist of common issues, you’ll want to make sure you get the best entertainment rentals possible for your event. You can consult with experienced event planners who will provide you guidance. That includes advice on corporate parties, church fundraisers, college festivals, neighborhood parties and seasonal events.

Some of the most popular big event rentals in Tampa Bay include:

  • Carnival games such as Hi Striker
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Slides
  • Trains
  • Competitive games such as Wipeout
  • Waterslides

You can’t go wrong with any of the above. It’s a matter of finding the right attraction to fit your event’s theme and the amount of space at your venue.

Tampa Event Checklist Common Issues

While it’s important to focus on what they party will feature for entertainment, there are many practical issues, as well. If you’re planning a large event in Tampa Bay, keep the following in mind.

Have a Plan B

Florida weather has a way of changing even the most detailed plans. Have either another date or a backup event site ready in case the weather forecast changes as the party date approaches. In the summer months, count on rain in the afternoons and plan accordingly.

Plan for Setting Up, Breaking Down

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes of a large event. Talk to experts at a party rental company about support they give in this area. Also, consult with them to make sure you have the proper access to electrical or water supplies needed for your attractions. Make sure you also have all the tables, chairs and tents you need to set up your event.

Get the Proper Permits and Licenses

When checking out venues, make sure they meet all regulations in terms of the proper permits and licenses. For example, you need permits to play live music or to serve alcohol. Outdoor public areas also often require getting a permit for a specific time and day. Check with government agencies to make sure your party complies with all state and local laws.

Plan for Food Service

It’s best to hire a catering service that can manage all the food needs for your party. However, you’ll want to work with them on planning a menu that meets the requirements of all guests. That includes avoiding foods commonly associated with allergies and food choices for vegetarians and vegans.

Working with experienced event professionals can keep you ahead of all the issues you must deal with as party planners. That advice, coupled with the available variety of event rentals in Tampa Bay, provide key steps toward making your next big event a success.

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