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Easy-to-Do Tips for Halloween Party Planning

Easy-to-Do Tips for Halloween Party Planning | Entertain on Halloween

If you’re thinking about Halloween party planning, you certainly are not alone. With each passing year, Halloween becomes more a part of the holidays than ever before. It’s already officially the third most popular holiday in the country, according to many surveys. For many younger Americans, it ranks No. 2 behind only Christmas.

That’s because Halloween offers a unique combination of family fun, spooks (but not too spooky), scares and great decorations. Not to mention candy and chocolate. What’s not to like?

If you’re about to start Halloween party planning, here’s a list of 10 tips and ideas to keep in mind. It will help you turn your Halloween get-together into a party everyone will remember.

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Know Your Audience

This is the most important thing to remember. Many Halloween parties are remembered years later for the wrong reasons – the decorations or entertainment went too far. One commonsense rule – no blood and gore if your guest list has kids or squeamish adults.

Pick a Theme

The classic Halloween party means vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies and Frankenstein’s monster. But it also means superheroes, pirates, sports figures, Pokemon characters, cowboys, you name it. If you want people to dress for a certain theme, make sure to let everyone know far ahead of time.

Jars of Goodies

Buy classic Halloween candies and place them in jars conveniently located where people will gather. Classics include candy corn, smarties, molasses kisses, red licorice and (of course) circus peanuts. These are great choices on the nostalgia factor alone.

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Fake Cobwebs

Getting fake cobwebs is easy these days. For around $12-$15, you can get fake cobwebs with plastic spiders that just require you to drape them over the bushes outside or in the doorway – an effortless way to create the proper Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween Candy Boxes

These are perfect for a parting gift for party guests. A wide variety of options are available with every imaginable kind of candy and chocolate.

Halloween Doormat

Greet guests with a great Halloween doormat. There are dozens available on Amazon alone.

Bounce Houses

Kids get restless at all types of parties, Halloween included. By adding something to the party specifically for them, you’re doing them (and their parents) a big favor. Fortunately, you can rent bounce houses that have a costume-party theme, including pirate ships, superheroes, and castles.

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Rent Scary Movies

Or, at least, movies with atmosphere. You can put the movie on a screen in the background at the party. Great choices include old movies such as the original “Wolf Man” or the classic Frankenstein movies directed by James Whale – they have an atmospheric, black-and-white beauty. Or you can go for modern scary movies, just watch the intensity level if young ones are in the room.

Pick a Color Palette

This is the key to decorating for every party. Pick a color palette and stick with it. For Halloween, that includes black and orange, of course. White, brown, yellow and red also have a Halloween vibe. Or that green from the Wicked Witch of the West’s face.

Ouija Board

Spooky! This is best with adults only. It’s guaranteed to raise the spine-tingling factor up a few notches.

Halloween party planning is easy if you start early and have a vision of what you want to accomplish. Once you start, you can find plenty of easy ways to make your home a cool spot for a great Halloween party.

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