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Finger Foods for Kids Parties ( Even the Picky Eaters)

By August 23, 2021October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Finger Foods for Kids Parties ( Even the Picky Eaters) | Party Food Ideas

Here’s the thing about finger food for kids parties: don’t overthink it. That’s the best advice anyone can give you. Keep things simple, straightforward, easy-to-serve, non-messy, and easy to clear up after.

Ah, but you say, what about picky eaters? First, every kid is a picky eater. Second, the following list gives you some ideas that can help because they are popular mainstays for veteran parents. If you’ve come across this article, you’re probably running behind schedule and need some finger food ideas right now. So, let’s get it to.

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11 Ideas for Finger Foods for Kids Parties

The great thing about serving finger food at kids parties is that you get a chance to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere. The great thing for you is that it is easy. No kid ever went to a party worried about whether they were served filet mignon or chicken cordon bleu – they’re all about the water slides and bounce house. So, relax, keep it simple, and stick with some favorites.

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Mini Burgers Or Sliders

Meat, bun, maybe a slice of cheese, and off they go, filled up and happy. These have been working since people first started cooking meat over an open fire. Of course, you don’t have to do that, you can buy pre-prepared burgers and cut them into small sections.

Popcorn Chicken

Kids love chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken fingers and, of course, popcorn chicken. If you want them healthier, cook them at home with Rice Krispies as the coating.

Fruit Kabobs

Kids should eat fruit, and it’s far more appealing when it’s on a stick. Try using fruit that creates a color rainbow (not apples, though, they brown too quickly. That’s not a color you want.)

Mac n’ Cheese

Whatever version you give them, most kids will gobble up mac and cheese as if they will never get a chance to eat it ever again.


From five-year-olds to high school seniors, pizza is a great choice as a finger food. It also has great versatility, allowing you to cook veggie pizza for those who want to avoid meat.

Ham and Cheese Rollups

This deli staple is also popular as a finger food at parties. It’s possible to find roll ups that use pastry, giving them some extra calories to fill everyone up quickly.

Corn Dogs

Again, food on the stick is always a winner. Just heat and serve with mustard or the dipping sauce of your choice. For even less mess, skip the sauce. Most kids won’t mind.

Chicken Satay

Another food on the stick, chicken satay is one of the healthier meat choices on the list.

Celery and Peanut Butter

A classic. They still work, too, to get kids to eat celery. Just smear them with peanut butter. Your grandmother knew what she was doing.

Quinoa Lettuce Cups

This provides a healthy, tasty way to get protein in kids without using meat. Your nutritionist will approve.


These are like tacos, except rolled tightly and very crunchy. They taste great with queso dip, but you have to manage the messy factor (it’s worth it, though).

These ideas can get you started down the path of serving finger food for your kid’s party that 1) the kids will actually like and 2) will help you maintain your sanity. That’s a win for everyone!

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