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Tips For Throwing a Gender Reveal Party in Your Backyard

By August 10, 2021October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Tips For Throwing a Gender Reveal Party in Your Backyard

Gender reveal parties are a trend that has been going strong for many years. For couples who decide they want to know their baby’s gender early – and share it with everyone else – it’s a chance to celebrate with friends and family. What better way to share the big news? The following lists some ideas from experts on how to make the party successful.

Pick a Theme

Some people use a mix of blue and pink in the color scheme to keep people guessing when they arrive at a gender reveal party. The Pampers website also lists many different options for a theme, including:

  • Bows or bowties
  • Pirates or mermaids
  • Touchdowns or tutus
  • Quarterback or cheerleader
  • Mustaches or lipsticks
  • “What will it bee?”

Send Invitations

Send invitations at least six weeks ahead of time. That gives you the time to get your gender-determining ultrasound and come up with a fun way to make your big reveal. You can send out electronic invitations if you want to save cash or find invitations you can print out at home. You also can create a page on social media for the event and invite guests that way (it’s also a great place to upload photos from the event).

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Plan the Reveal

Every couple has their open ideas on how to reveal the baby’s gender. One clever way is to order cupcakes ahead of time that are blue or pink on the inside, but a neutral color frosting on the outside. When you serve the cupcakes, people learn the gender! Others may use articles of clothing, such as socks or a baby jumper in pink or blue.

Entertain the Kids

Here’s something to get used to as new parents. When you invite people over to a gender reveal party and they bring kids of their own, it’s wise to offer something that will entertain them. Solid choices include fun games, bounce houses and big slides.

Tons of Bounce Houses to Choose From!

Make a Video

One of the most memorable things to come from gender reveal parties are videos where guests send their best wishes – and give both serious and funny advice – to the baby. It’s something the child will cherish for many years to come.

Build a Time Capsule

Like the video, this one is for the baby. Once the gender of the baby is revealed, have guests write down predictions and hopes for your baby, then seal everything into a box. This time capsule will be a great gift for your child in their late teens.

Put these ideas into play to make a success of your gender reveal party. It’s a special time in life for you and your family. The party you throw should be special, too.

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