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9 Things to Never Do at an Outdoor Party

9 Things to Never Do at an Outdoor Party | Party Hosting Dos and Don'ts

For those who want to throw an outdoor party, there are plenty of lists that give them ideas of what to do.  What they may not know are the things that you should never do at an outdoor party. The list below is going to take care of that issue.

Think of these items as some “major don’ts” on your outdoor party dos and don’ts list. Avoid these and you will avoid common mistakes that often trip up party planners. To keep it manageable, this list just focuses on nine of the most common mistakes you should never do at an outdoor party.

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Never Do These at an Outdoor Party

Don’t feel bad if you’ve done some of the things below. Even seasoned party planners can make these mistakes. Chances are you are not a seasoned party planner, so go easy on yourself. But if you keep these issues in mind, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

Don’t Plan Without a Backup Location

You live in Florida. It will rain. Even during the beautiful weather of winter, storms can destroy  the best outdoor party plans. Always have an indoor location where you can move the party. Or, have a second date you can move the party to without too many problems.

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Don’t Pick a Date Without Checking With Guests

Don’t plan on having a party on a date when a majority of your guests may have other plans. This is important always, but even more so in June (a favorite month for family vacations and weddings) and the holidays. What’s the point of having a party if everyone can’t come?

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Party planning takes time. You want to get all the entertainment and activities arranged, as well as create invitations and decorate. Start getting it together a month or two in advance, not in the week before the party.

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Don’t Let Insects Torture Your Guests

We all know that some people seem to attract blood-sucking mosquitos and other insects more than others. Don’t let them suffer like a vampire victim in a B-movie. Supply enough repellent to keep everyone bug free.

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Don’t Serve the Wrong Foods

Eating outdoors is not a great time to serve food that requires forks and knives. Finger food appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs are outdoor party food staples for a reason. Also, make sure there is plenty of food for the number of invited guests.

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Don’t Let Guests Dehydrate

Staying hydrated is a priority at any time, especially an outdoor party where everyone works up a thirst. Estimate the amount of water you will need for all your party guests, and then get about 35 percent to 50 percent more. It’s not like you won’t use leftover bottled water in your home after the party is over.

Don’t Stay on the Grill All Day

The host’s No. 1 duty is to make guests feel comfortable. If they are looking at your back all day from a distance because you are on the grill, that’s not putting anyone at ease. Work the crowd and make sure everyone has everything they need. A smart move is to put the time you will be grilling on party invites, so people know when to arrive to get food.

Don’t Be a Bad Neighbor

No matter who you invite, an outdoor party is likely to generate plenty of noise. Rather than irritating your neighbors or making them feel left out, invite them to the party. If that’s not possible, at least let them know what is happening and tell them to contact you if they are bothered during the event.

Don’t Be Unprepared for Accidents

This is especially important if you have kids coming over. Make sure you have plenty of bandages and items needed to treat minor cuts and scrapes, bug bites and burns.

Keep this list of things to never do at an outdoor party. That way, there’s a better chance you won’t do them! That will lead to a much more enjoyable party for everyone – including you.

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