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How Does AirFun Games Keep Customers Safe?

By April 15, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
How Does Air Fun Games Keep Customers Safe? | Party Rental FAQs

AirFun Games offers one of the biggest selections of party rentals in the Tampa Bay area, including the largest portable water slide on the west coast of Florida. In addition to offering great rental options, the company also focuses on ways to keep customers safe when they rent from AirFun Games.

AirFun Games has provided party and entertainment rentals for two decades. The company prides itself on offering customers great products that meet high standards for safety and cleanliness. They always have a customer service representative on hand to answer questions.

The following are some of the many ways that AirFun Games works to keep customers safe, as well as some party rental FAQs.

Cleaning Party Rentals

Keeping inflatables and other rentals clean is among the first priorities at AirFun Games. Staff open and clean each rental after they are returned, using a process perfected by AirFun Games over 18 years of experience. Staff cleans every product with a disinfecting cleaner, inside and out. Also, they hand-clean each rental with a fresh towel on every unit.

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Inspecting the Rides

AirFun Games InflatablesAirFun Games has a broad variety of rides available for rental. That requires having a set plan in place to inspect the rides.

AirFun Games staff inspect every unit after an event, opening and going through them twice before cleaning and storing them. If this inspection finds anything and it is something staff cannot repair themselves, the unit is sent out for repair. AirFun gives customers an upgraded item if they ask for a rental undergoing repair.


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Party Rental FAQs

With their many years of experience, AirFun Games staff know that certain party rental FAQs will come up with customers. There also are questions that company staff will ask of customers as they decide what rentals work best for their plans.

Those questions include the following.

  • Is the setup for the event on grass or cement?
  • Is there a power source at or near the setup area?
  • How many outlets does the customer have on their OWN circuits?
  • If they have multiple water items, do they have more than one water source? Water items that share the same water source won’t get the pressure needed for some rentals.
  • If the party is in the front yard, does the setup include use of the driveway or any other areas of cement?
  • Has the area been cleared of animal waste, swing sets or trampolines?

Help With Event Planning

All these issues revolve around the AirFun Games focus on keeping customers safe. When you rent from them, know that customer safety and the cleanliness of all rentals is a top priority.

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