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Company Picnic Ideas

By May 7, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Company Picnic Ideas | What Entertainment Is Best For A Work Party?

Companies who hold summer picnics for employees show commitment to their workers, support for their families and provide a way to break down walls between departments and business units. Great company picnics start with picking the right location and venue, selecting a memorable theme and providing fun entertainment options.

If you are planning a work party and are considering company picnic ideas, keep the following in mind. And remember that these parties make employees feel appreciated and rewarded, an especially important accomplishment for companies who depend on employees’ hard work and loyalty.

Why Company Picnics Are Important

A company picnic may seem like an old-fashioned tradition, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great one. There are few better ways for businesses to accomplish a handful of important goals with just one event.

The benefits of a company party include the following.

Show commitment. This is especially important if everyone has just gone through a tough economic time. Continuing to hold a traditional picnic provides employees the comfort of knowing they can depend on the company to continue important traditions.

Eliminates silos. Many employees never interact with people outside their departments, but a work party can break down those walls and allow people who have never met to get to know each other.

Supports families. Parenting is a great leveler. Everyone who has kids, from top executives to front line workers, will appreciate the chance to take their kids to a special event with entertainment designed for them.

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Inspires loyalty. Employees will feel more loyal, and work harder, for businesses that throw a company party, because they know they don’t have to do it.

Offers a reward. It’s good to give employees something in return for all their hard work.

Company Picnic Ideas

When planning a company picnic, it’s important to keep certain issues in mind.

Time and Location

The right time for a work party varies by company and location, because so much of the calendar is already taken up by other events. Summer and early fall are often the best times, but in Florida it’s smart to have a backup date and indoor location just in case the weather turns on you.

Book a Venue

Contact the venue well ahead of time to make sure they are available when you want the space. This includes public parks that rent out large spaces for events. In some cases, you may also have to pay for a permit to provide entertainment such as large inflatables or thrill rides.

Help With Event Planning

Pick a Theme

There are many picnic themes, including international, Caribbean, fiesta, sports, carnival, pirate and music. All of this also influences the all-important area of food! You’ll want food that reflects the theme and gives everyone something tasty and memorable to eat.

Provide Great Entertainment

This is where those who come up with company picnic ideas have a huge advantage these days. Party rentals now range from obstacle courses and water slides to Zorb tracks and rock walls. For the kids, a vast number of bounce houses are available, as well as carnival games.

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A company picnic is a great idea for businesses that want to show employees gratitude and bring everyone together outside of the confines of work. It’s a time-honored way for companies to celebrate each year. By consulting with a professional party rental company, you can find out all the latest options to make your work party the best one yet.

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