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Graduation Party in Tampa

By May 11, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Graduation Party in Tampa | Backyard Party Inflatable Game Rentals in FL

Graduation parties are a rite of passage for teens and their parents. For parents looking to do something memorable, it’s a great time to put backyard party inflatables into the mix, from medieval jousting and bungee runs to basketball challenges and water slides.

These backyard party inflatables make a graduation party in Tampa one that graduates and their friends will always remember, and isn’t that the goal of every parent? They won’t forget the party because inflatable game rentals in FL have never been more spectacular than they are now.

Planning For Graduation Party in Tampa

The place to start is with the planning, taking the same approach you would take to how you plan a birthday party or plan Thanksgiving. Some of the key points to planning are as follows.

How Do I Plan Thanksgiving?

Set a budget. Do this first. You want to set a range you are willing to spend and then rent party entertainment and provide good, music and party favors in a way that keeps you within budget.

Invitations. Here’s a chance to make a once in a lifetime party invitation! You can make handcrafted invitations if you have skills in that area, or order them premade with a graduation theme. Whatever the case, make sure they match the decorations and theme for your graduation party.

Food. Getting the party catered is the best way to go if it’s within your budget. That way, someone else handles all the food prep, service and clean up. If you cook yourself, make something that your graduate loves but that also makes it easier for you to serve and clean up, like sandwiches or finger foods.

Music. A live DJ or band will elevate your party to the next level. If that’s not within your budget, consider creating a special playlist, but have your graduate or his/her friends pick the music. This is something you don’t want to get wrong.

While all the above is important, the focus of a graduation party is on entertainment! The following options can make your party memorable and keep the kids happy and occupied for hours.

Entertainment Rental Options For Graduation Party

So many choices! Today’s backyard party inflatable rentals include something for just about everyone. The following rentals offer a glimpse at the diversity of options out there for parents to choose from to make their graduation party in Tampa memorable.

Each of these is also a great “icebreaker” for a teen party and will keep the party guests off their phones – unless they are using them to take pictures and videos of the fun!.

Medieval Gladiator Jousting

Bring a bit of the Renaissance Festival vibe into your graduation party. The Jousting Inflatable Competition allows teens to joust in an environment that is perfectly safe. They enter an inflatable, rectangular arena, then step onto a podium. Each wears headgear, and their “weapon” for the duel is a padded baton. Last one standing on their podium wins!

What is an Inflatable Jousting Rental?

Wipeout Inflatable Challenge

This is just like the “Wipeout” show on television! The Wipeout Inflatable Challenge allows four players to take position on podiums near each corner of a rectangular, inflatable arena. Then, the arm in the center of the area begins to spin, making the players jump and dodge as it sweeps by. But watch out because the arm can change speeds and angles!

Inflatable Bungee Run

This two-lane bungee run will give your graduate and their friends a “run for their money.” Deceptively simple in appearance, the Inflatable Bungee Run requires two players to line up in side-by-side lanes in a 33-foot long inflatable. The trick is this – both are attached by a harness to  a bungee cord that they must stretch out to reach the finish line. One slip or misstep and they fly backward (onto a soft landing, of course).

Basketball Challenge

Even teens who play regular basketball often will find the Basketball Challenge tough to beat. Competitors line up in side-by-side inflatable lanes, then shoot balls into the basket in their lane. When they make one, the ball slides over to their opponent’s court. To win, you must shoot all your balls through your basket, and then also make shots with the ones that your opponent sent into your court. It’s an awesome competition that is easy to learn but hard to win.

Water Slides for Adults

Most graduation parties happen in late spring or early summer, making large water slides an excellent choice for a graduation party, especially in Florida. There’s a slide for every size of space and taste, from Pirate Ship slides to one of the largest water slides in Florida, the Mega Blue Crush Water Slide.

Inflatable Slide Rentals You'll Love

Each of these backyard party inflatable rentals offers the kind of entertainment that will not only make the party a lot of fun, but also give your graduate and their friends something to talk about for years to come.

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