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Florida Summer Outdoor Party Planning

By May 29, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Florida Summer Outdoor Party Planning | Outside Event Ideas for FL Heat

With no school and long days, summer is the best part of the year to throw an outside event. But in Florida you will need some serious outdoor party planning, including ways to keep everyone cool, provide food and drink, offer outdoor entertainment and develop a backup plan in case thunderstorms arrive (as they often do).

Thankfully, you have plenty of choices for how to get ready for an outside event in Florida. Whether you are poolside, in the backyard or at a local park, there are steps you can take to make sure everyone has fun – and stays cool and dry.

Outdoor Party Planning, Florida Style

Both kids and adults love a summer party, especially when they are done right. The following hits on some of the important issues you must consider in your party plans to avoid the typical issues of a Florida summer party.

Pick Your Spot, Have a Backup Plan

Where do you want to throw your party? Are you looking for a backyard get together, or something that requires more space? If you want to build your party around kids having fun, then you’ll need plenty of entertainment. If you want to dance, you might want to think about renting out a space.

How To Host A Beach Party

If you choose an outdoor spot, remember this: have a backup plan. One thing you can count on in Florida are afternoon rain showers. Plan the party for earlier in the day or later in the evening after the storms have passed and the temperature is slightly cooler.

How to Keep Cool If Outdoors

Keeping cool is key for outdoor party planning in Florida in the summertime. One idea is to rent a large, air-conditioned tent that gives everyone a place to cool off during the party. If a tent doesn’t fit into your plans, take advantage of the shade and bring extension cords and fans.

Also, use either a shady tree or a large umbrella to provide shade for where you set up the food and drinks. Or, if you have a porch with a roof, you can set it up there.

Help With Event Planning

Foods For Hot Weather

When it’s hot, no one really wants to eat – until they do. Anyone who has ever thrown an outside event in the Florida heat knows that moment when, usually after they cool off, people suddenly become ravenous and food that has been ignored for hours disappears in five minutes. You’ll want to keep plenty of light snacks available, especially finger foods that are easy to serve and eat.

You’ll also want plenty of cold drinks to beat the heat. Coolers filled with ice and packed with water bottles will handle that issue. For adult beverages, get a second cooler packed with beer (something light, which is better with the heat) or wine.

If you’re looking for something a bit more memorable for kids and adults alike, a Snow Cone Machine will handle that issue. All you have to do is pick a flavor, which includes Red Cherry and Blue Raspberry.

Rent a Snow Cone Machine

Outdoor Entertainment

This is where you have many options, and they’re all great for family, friends and neighbors. You can rent any number of inflatables, games and rides. They include water slides and dunk tanks, which are both perfect for the hot temperatures. Slides come in all sizes and with different designs so you can get one that will please the little kids as well as one for the teens and adults. Wet inflatables are a perfect way for party guests to beat the heat.

Inflatable Slide Rentals You'll Love

Keep these issues in mind as you do the outdoor party planning for your summer get-together. It’s a great day to get everyone together without a care in the world other than how to enjoy the day.

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