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How Much Is It To Rent a Waterslide?

How Much Is It To Rent a Waterslide? | Waterslide Rental FAQs

A waterslide provides a perfect way to pump up the fun at a party. While prices vary depending on where and who you rent from, Air Fun Games offers slip and slides that start at $200, water slides that start at $250 and larger slides that range from $350 to $1,200 for the largest.

Waterslides provide plenty of bang for the buck. When you rent a waterslide, you provide kids with something they will do all day long. Adults also will have a lot of fun, whether they use the waterslide or just enjoy some free time!

You truly can’t go wrong when you rent a waterslide. The only question is the type of slide you want. You also will need to answer the following questions which a reservation specialist will typically ask during the reservation process. They can help you decide which waterslide to rent.

When do You Want to Rent a Waterslide?

It’s important to call early! People quickly snap up some of the most popular waterslides and other rentals for big holiday weekends. If you know early that you want to get a rental, then call as soon as possible to ensure you have the most rental options.

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What Age Group Are You Looking to Entertain?

Different waterslides have different designs. Some focus on entertaining the younger kids, while others look to thrill the older teens and adults. A smart move is to bundle two waterslide rentals which provides you with a discount and ensures everyone has a great time.

Will Your Power and Water Support a Waterslide Rental?

This covers a lot of ground. Some of the issues include whether a power source is at or near the setup area – this is necessary. Also, a specialist will want to know how many outlets you have near the setup area that are on their own dedicated circuit.

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Also, if you have multiple water items, you may need more than one water source. Waterslides that share the same water source may not get the water pressure needed for some of the larger rentals.

Is the Area Suitable For a Waterslide Rental?

Some people like to put up the rentals in the front yard and some may be planning a beach party, but it’s important to know if the proposed setup will include the use of a driveway, sidewalk or other areas paved with cement. Also, the area around a waterslide rental must be cleared of animal waste and other items such as swing sets or trampolines.

All these issues might impact the type of waterslide you want to rent. The best course is to choose the rental you want, but keep these practical issues in mind when you rent a waterslide. You’ll want to choose the waterslide that will thrill your guests but also fit the setup at your home.

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