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How to Host a Social Distancing Event

How to Host a Social Distancing Event | Tampa Social Distancing Parties

As the world alters life around the reality of the coronavirus, social distancing events have become more popular. People still want to get together, but they are putting in safe practices such as social distancing, having small parties, keeping the party outside, throwing their own parades and consulting professionals for party planning.

Tampa social distancing parties contain the same type of fun activities and party rentals as ever. For example, you can still rent safe, clean water slides, obstacle courses, midway games and thrill rides. But social distancing parties require a few rules and smart decisions.

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Consulting Professionals

Professionals will have a better idea of how to handle social distancing events, because they will have experience in managing them. They can offer advice on the types of entertainment that work best at a Tampa social distancing party. If you rent from a party rental company, they also can set up rides, inflatables and other entertainment to ensure that everything is safe and functions properly.

Help With Event Planning

Size Matters

It’s about math, really. The fewer people you have around, the better. This is especially true if you keep a party limited to friends and family that you know have been social distancing and staying indoors for the most part. Fewer people also make it easier for people to keep their distance from each other.

Your Own Parade

Car parades have become a thing. You will see them mostly for kid parties, but they also are thrown for adults. People make signs or decorate their cars, and then drive by the house of the birthday boy or girl. They also can have a spot where they drop off presents, which means they get to enjoy one of the best parts of having a birthday even while social distancing!

Stay Outside

Most experts say that catching the coronavirus is relatively rare if people are outside and distanced from each other. That means it’s better to have your social distancing event outside than in a venue. For extra safety, you can also require that people wear masks. While it might be inconvenient for some, it’s another layer of protection so people can relax and enjoy the event.

Keeping these ideas in mind can make your Tampa social distancing party a success. The circumstances are not ideal right now for most people, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your time together. Take the proper precautions and you can safely enjoy a great time together.

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