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Fall Festival Games

By July 13, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Fall Festival Games | Rent Harvest Party Games for Kids and Adults

When deciding on fall festival games for your celebration, it’s important to pick a variety of attractions that will please party guests of all ages. Some of the most exciting choices include bounce houses, obstacle courses, carnival games and inflatable slides. Some may want to try DIY harvest party games if they have a limited budget.

No matter which course you choose, the idea is to have fall festival games that provide the most memorable experience that your budget allows.

The following takes a closer look at some of the choices listed above. You can find all these through AirFun Games, where we have years of experience in helping people plan and host successful fall festivals in Florida.

Fall Harvest Festival in Florida

Fall Bounce Houses

You always have to take care of the kids first. A good fall bounce house will keep them occupied at your harvest festival for hours. You can find a design that fits into your party theme, including pirates, princesses, sports and even a barnyard petting zoo. Once you’ve gotten something special for the little kids, you can turn to what entertainment rentals to provide the teens and adults.

Tons of Bounce Houses to Choose From!

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses make for a perfect harvest party game. People can race one-on-one or in teams. They help you manage the party better because they move people through the lines quickly, keeping long lines from forming and leaving people standing around for long periods of time. It’s one of many line management tips  that can make the party more pleasurable for guests. AirFun Games offers a large variety of obstacle courses at different sizes and difficulty levels.

Popular Thrill Rides & Obstacle Courses!

Fall Carnival Games

It’s not a fall festival without some classic carnival games. You can rent popular carnival games that adults will remember from when they were kids. That includes games like Tabletop Ring Toss, Shuffleboard and Ring the Glass Bottle. But you can also get LED Cornhole and Giant Jenga that appeal to the younger crowd. Whatever specific game you choose, mix up the choices to please as many people as possible.

Inflatable Slides

These are the types of big attractions that become the one thing everyone at the party must do at least once. Inflatable slides have evolved and become so innovative that they rival what you can find at amusement parks. You can get giant slides, slides where two people race and, if the weather is still warm enough, water slides that combine thrills with a break from the heat.

Inflatable Slide Rentals You'll Love

DIY Fall Festival Games

Harvest Party GamesIf your budget is a bit tighter or you are throwing a smaller party such as one for church or your neighborhood, you can put together some classic games of your own. Some fall festival ideas include:

  • Pumpkin Pop. Use orange balloons on a board that people try to pop by throwing darts – from a challenging distance, of course! You can also use a bean bag if you’d rather not use darts.
  • Tug of War. A classic game that just requires a rope.
  • Pumpkins in a Row. Line up pumpkins in a row where each pumpkin is progressively farther from the player. Then, give them a stack of hula hoops and see if they can toss it around the pumpkins, giving them more points for pumpkins far away.

Fall festival games are what makes the party memorable. It’s great to throw in some unusual choices to make your harvest party different. But you also want to go for the “wow” factor with great carnival games, obstacle courses, slides and bounce houses.

Carnival Game Rental Ideas

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