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Fall Harvest Festival in Florida

By September 13, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Fall Harvest Festival in Florida | Creative Fall Festival Ideas for Florida

A fall harvest festival in Florida is a popular idea because the weather becomes cooler, the afternoon rains stop falling every day and storm season is behind us. You can also get creative with your ideas, because Florida offers many themes you can put to use for a fall festival.

The following ideas are meant to spark some creative ideas for your next fall harvest festival in Florida. Keep these in mind as you start to look for entertainment and decoration ideas, as well as for fantastic fall festival games.

Fall Festival Games

Florida Fall Festival Invitations

To give your party a special Florida feel, consider using invites that emphasize the beach, palm trees, flamingos and other Florida-related items. Make sure to include some brown, yellow, orange and red for the fall festival flavor, but give it some Sunshine State style, as well.

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Florida Harvest Party Decorations

The great thing about throwing a fall festival in Florida is that the Sunshine State has so many different decorative styles. You can add beach chairs and umbrellas. Or, you can go with palm trees, tiki torches and seashells. You can place a centerpiece on the table that involves citrus, and you can find that citrus fresh at a local market.

Other favorites for Florida party decorations include:

  • Beach balls
  • Florida postcards (both vintage and modern)
  • Anything that involves flamingoes, manatees, panthers, dolphins, etc.
  • Neon and bright colors – lots of it

Or you can decorate your whole party like a giant beach house, mixing some of the above ideas as well as images of the ocean, sailboats, sunsets and sea birds. Decorating for a fall harvest in Florida is a party planner’s delight.

Florida Harvest Party Foods

Florida also is home to many great types of good. If you want to make things simple, pick up some Public sandwiches in many different varieties – there isn’t a Floridian alive who doesn’t appreciate a good Publix sandwich. If you want to get your guests in on the action, considering having a fall potluck.

Potluck or not, some of the items to consider for the menu include:

  • Conch fritters
  • Stone crabs
  • Gator bites
  • Cuban sandwiches
  • Key lime pie
  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Grouper or snapper
  • Deviled crabs

Yes, that’s not like most fall festival menus – it’s better because it’s Floridian.

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Florida Fall Festival Games and Rides

A fall harvest party in Florida is not a traditional harvest party, so why have traditional entertainment? If you look around this site, you will find entertainment options that will make your fall festival one to remember.

They include carnival games, obstacle courses, and bounce houses for the little ones. There are also many different thrill rides, including zip lines, Warrior Jump, Wipeout, and the Criss Cross Collison Course. All these make the traditional sack races look pretty pale in comparison. But this is Florida, we like to make things a bit more fun.

If you’re planning a fall harvest party in Florida, keep these very Sunshine State options in mind. You may find that your guests appreciate that you’ve give them a fall festival like no other, Florida style.

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