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What Is National Keep Kids Creative Week?

By September 1, 2020October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
What Is National Keep Kids Creative Week? | #KeepKidsCreativeWeek

National Keep Kids Creative Week is an annual event that focuses on ways to support kids in being as creative as possible. Held every year during the last week of September, the event focuses on ways parents and teachers can get kids away from the television and video games and into creating something.

Those creations can take many forms, from making mud pies and playing in a fort to drawing ink doodles or pretending to be a pirate while playing in a bounce house. It doesn’t matter so much how kids become creative, just that they do become creative.


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The following are some ideas to spark creativity during National Keep Kids Creative Week based on ideas from experts and the Keep Kids Creative website. You can also find ideas at #KeepKidsCreativeWeek.

While At Home

While television and video games offer entertainment, they do not support creativity. So, the first step is to turn off the TV and shut down computers and video games.

A way to get kids more creative is to sit down with them and work together to create a superhero story – or a story about cowboys, pirates, astronauts, whatever they like. This story is all their own! Give them paper and colored pencils and ask them to draw their hero. Another idea is to invent your own island or other world. Any kind of play that involves creating a story is a good idea. Other ideas include:

  • Read aloud to your younger kids
  • Tell kids your own personal stories
  • Play music together
  • Get them playing with finger paints
  • Build things together, like trains or Hot Wheels tracks

While Outside

Giving kids the chance to explore the outside world may not directly lead them to being creative, but it offers a lot of stimulation and opportunity. Simply taking a walk on a nature trail and then asking your child to draw something they saw when you get back can spark their imagination.

A scavenger hunt in the backyard or a wooded area can also spark creativity. Ask your child to keep a journal of your outside adventures. Take them outside at night to see the constellations. All these can make children become much more creative.

At A Party

If you are having a get together with your child and his or her friends, it’s a great time to rent an inflatable that gives the kids a chance to act out imaginary stories together. Bounce houses are great for this, as are giant slides and obstacle courses – it doesn’t take much imagination for young children to turn them into forts or ships on the sea!

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Kids also can use their imagination to help you get ready for a party. Let them pick out some of the decorations or food and help you put it all together before the guests arrive.

Sparking creativity in kids should be a priority for all parents. As noted by the Keep Kids Creative site, it’s hard to find time to nurture creativity. But it can help kids lead fuller, happier lives and National Keep Kids Creative Week is a great time to focus on this important area!

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