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Ring the Glass Bottle Game Rental

Ring the Glass Bottle is a fun and sometimes frustrating carnival skill game that has been tormenting carnival goers for decades. The challenge begins with players getting 10 rings to toss. The goal is “ringing” one of 4 colored glass bottles mixed within 24 total bottles. It is sometimes referred to as Ring Toss or Ring a Bottle. The sound of the rings hitting the glass bottles is enough to intrigue event goers, but the laughs and sighs of players in the action will entice them to try their luck. Everyone has their own “trick” to winning the game, but don’t lean too far forward or else your toss may not count.

If you’re looking for a carnival game party-goers of all ages can play, then Ring the Glass Bottle is what you want. Guests watching people playing Ring the Glass Bottle will be anxious for their turn because the fun is contagious and quickly spreads through the crowd. The goal of “ringing” the bottle first or faster is a great way to encourage teamwork and friendly competition. Trust the experts at AirFun Games to bring you the classic carnival games you want and your guests desire. Reserve your fun now!

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