Slingshot Two-Player Carnival Game Rental

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The Slingshot Two-Player Carnival Game will bring your guests back to a time when they played simple but fun midway games and competed against their friends to win. It’s a fun, exciting game that provides big carnival fun in a convenient, easy-to-set-up package. It’s the perfect addition to carnival-themed events or to add a bit of old-school fun to your next company picnic, corporate party or church fundraiser.

The Slingshot game pits two players against each other, each standing on one end of the yellow and black playing board. Using a sling on their end of the table, players attempt to shoot one of their six pucks through a small opening in a wall that divides the board in the center. Players don’t take turns – both shoot their pucks simultaneously. The first player to get all their pucks on their opponent’s side of the board wins!

Party guests will line up to play this fun game. It also will draw a crowd of people who want to watch the action. It’s a great team-building game for company events and introduces some friendly competition into any type of party. Use the Slingshot Two-Player Carnival Game to put a little midway fun into your next big event!

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