Alien Pinball Game Rental

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The Alien Pinball carnival game is a one-of-a-kind pinball experience that will take your guests “out of this world.” Featuring a cool alien flipping the peace sign – with the logo “We Come in Peace” – the design of this game alone is enough to keep people talking about it for days and weeks to come.

You can give your next event that midway feel by adding the Alien Pinball carnival game. The game comes conveniently folded, and when it’s opened it stands 70 inches (just shy of six feet) tall, braced on a fold out support. Players use the launcher on the bottom right corner to rocket six multi-colored balls onto the game board, trying to place them into the highest scoring cups, including a 200-point score right where the alien holds the Earth cradled in its arm!

The Alien Pinball carnival game brings the simple pleasures of the midway to your next event. It’s a fun addition to almost any kind of party, including school fundraisers, community events and even company parties. Give your party guests something unique to play at your next large event!

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