Waffle Ball Toss Game Rental

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Who doesn’t love a game that features a Wiffle Ball? There’s a reason Waffle Balls have been a staple of party fun for so many years – they provide a safe, fun way to challenge your ball-throwing skills. The Waffle Ball Toss takes that challenge to another level, providing your guests an exciting challenge at your next company picnic, corporate party, church fundraiser or community festival.

Waffle Ball comes in a convenient case that folds open. Once unfolded, the playing surface consists of rows of holes inside a box – six rows of six holes, each. Players stand a predetermined distance (based on their age and skill level) and throw wiffle balls into the game, attempting to get them into the holes with red, blue and yellow circles, scoring more points!

Waffle Ball Toss will bring the joys of simple but challenging carnival games to your next big event. It’s a great icebreaker for company parties where everyone may not know each other well, as well as big fun at birthday parties or fundraisers! Give the guests at your next party something to talk about long after the party is over.

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