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Corporate Christmas Party Dos and Don’ts For Party Planners

Corporate Christmas Party Dos and Don’ts For Party Planners

Employees may dread it. Managers may not feel they have time for it. But as the party planner for a holiday event, you’ve got to set all that aside, plan for a great party and keep in mind all the key corporate Christmas party dos and don’ts.

Doing so will keep your company Christmas party from becoming a long, boring event that everyone wishes they could have avoided. Not only can you make the party “not boring,” you can take the right steps to create the sort of event that employees actually enjoy. A good place to start is to keep these corporate Christmas party dos and don’ts well in mind.

Corporate Christmas Party Dos

As you plan the big party, put these corporate Christmas party dos into action.

Do: Nail Down the Basics Early

Don’t want until the week before Christmas to start planning. Venues tend to fill up quickly. Get a venue that meets your needs, as well as all the attraction rentals that can elevate the party from good to great. Get ahead on picking the decorations, booking a caterer and getting the word out.

Do: Pick the Right Time

The lunch hour is often the perfect time for a corporate Christmas party, but it may keep many people from being able to attend. Some of the best parties start in the early evening or even late afternoon, giving everyone a chance to leave work early and enjoy the party. Try to pick a time that is the least disruptive for employees’ personal lives.

Do: Pick the Right Food

A formal dinner is not usually the best choice. Rather, work with the caterer to create a mostly finger food menu that allows party guests to stand, eat and talk with fellow employees.

Do: Provide Plenty of Entertainment

Carnival games, thrill rides and interactive games work as icebreakers, allowing everyone to focus on something entertaining and fun as they come together to enjoy the party. It’s easier to get to know someone when you have something to do together.

Corporate Christmas Party Don’ts

Avoid these corporate Christmas party don’ts at all costs.

Don’t: Center the Party on Alcohol

Christmas party stories about inebriated co-workers are cliches for a reason. Fun to hear about, maybe, but terrible to experience. Keep the alcohol to a reasonable level.

Don’t: Give One Person the Job

Planning and carrying out a great corporate Christmas party requires teamwork. It’s far too big a project to expect someone to do on their own. Create a team early in the holiday season and give everyone a part of the party to manage.

Don’t: Forget to Establish Party Etiquette

It’s perfectly reasonable to circulate a reminder of Christmas party etiquette before the event. It helps avoid typical issues that have plagued Christmas parties forever. They include a list of “don’ts” for all party attendees. For example, don’t drink too much, talk shop, wear improper attire, complain about the office, arrive early and leave late, or bring extra guests.

Don’t: Invite the Kids

This is not a hard and fast rule. However, people typically relax better at a corporate Christmas party if they can bring their spouse or significant other (the famous “plus one”) but not have to keep track of and entertain their kids.

These are just a few of the corporate Christmas party dos and don’ts to keep in mind. These alone can turn a party from dreadful to delightful.

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