Photo Booth – Selfie  Mirror

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The Mirror Air Booth is a must-have at your next big event. Great for everything from weddings to festivals and fundraisers, the Mirror Air Booth uses advanced technology to take photos booths to the next level. It’s much more than just a selfie station!

Easy to transport and fast to set up, this photo booth alternative combines a mirror with a camera, giving users the ability to take photos through the mirror. They also can use the mirror surface like a touchscreen, creating personalized designs through drawing, signing or stamping the image. They also can share the images instantly on social media or through texting. The mirror also supports on-glass animations and augmented reality.

It’s a modern version of the photo booth that makes use of all the technology available today. The Mirror Air Booth is the perfect addition to a wedding, Sweet 16 or a Quinceañera party, corporate party, seasonal festival or college event. It gives party goers the chance to commemorate the event in a unique way. Don’t miss this chance to use the latest in fun technology!

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