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9 Great Office Party Ideas

By April 5, 2022October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources, recent
9 Great Office Party Ideas | Company Event Ideas for Aby Budget

If you’re picked by the bosses to put together an office party or company event, there’s some pressure involved. It’s an important job because office parties, when done right, not only entertain employees but also improve workplace factors such as employee retention and satisfaction.

Some companies have such great office party ideas that some employees stick with a company just to be there when the next party rolls around. Luckily, those searching for ideas can consult with professional event planners who offer good advice on how to turn a good office party into a great one.

Great Office Party Ideas for Any Budget

The first party planning step is always to come up with a budget and then stick with it. Once that’s set, it’s easier to look at the options within your budget and find the party fun that best meets your needs.

Keep in mind that the goal is always to create a memory, build chemistry between workmates and provide an atmosphere that offers plenty of icebreakers to get everyone talking.

But where to start? The following great office party ideas are a good starting point. These ideas range in cost, but they all support the creation of what you want: an office party to remember.

Hold a Carnival

A company carnival-themed party can draw on all the things that people love about carnivals. You can find carnival entertainment options that include games, rides and even fun concession-style food like popcorn machines or frozen drink makers. It’s a rare party concept that can bring back great memories and create new ones.

Play Unique Games

Games not only offer fun, they also offer co-workers a way to bond over something other than the latest office news (or, let’s face it, office gossip). You rent games to play that emphasizes teamwork or get the competition going with inflatable games such as Wipeout or Gladiator Joust.

Disco Flashback

There’s a time for a disco flashback party, and that time is pretty much always, especially if people at your company like to dance (even dance badly). Encourage everyone to dress up like it’s 1977 and put on some fun music from the era when dance music ruled the charts.

Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got a big office complex – or want to take the party to a local park or venue – a scavenger hunt is another way to get teams working together to solve clues and find treasure. Up the difficulty level by having the hunt sprawl over the entire city.

Escape Room

Escape rooms remain popular because they’re a lot of fun and also bring people together to solve challenges. There’s at least one good escape room in every city or metro area with a wide variety of themes such as escaping after a bank heist or from a giant labyrinth.

Talent Show

Everyone has a secret talent, and a company talent show gives them the chance to show it off. Hosting a talent show gives employees a chance to learn about their coworkers beyond what they do on project teams.

Office Awards

Why should only big stars get an awards ceremony? You can hold a special company awards banquet where everyone can eat a meal together and enjoy seeing who gets awarded for their exceptional work.

Take a Field Trip

Yes, just like in school. You might be surprised at how much adults enjoy a good field trip, too. You can make it fun, such as an amusement park, or make it more informational by booking a tour of a museum, historical site or natural attraction in your area.

Happy Hour

Yes, it’s a classic, but for a reason. By hosting a Happy Hour get-together complete with food and music at a local venue, you can give employees a chance to blow off steam and enjoy each other’s company outside the office.

These are just a few great office party ideas to get the creativity flowing. Only you know what is best for your employees. But the important thing is that you have an event that brings everyone together, allowing them to get to know each other and build a stronger team.

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