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Beat The Heat With These Party Rentals

By July 20, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Beat The Heat

This just in: It’s really hot outside right now in Florida. And it’s not going to end anytime soon.

So what’s a party planner to do?

Those faced with throwing a party from now until about October would do well to look into entertainment that puts their guests into water. Luckily, rental companies such as Air Fun Games give everyone plenty of options.

Beat the Summer Heat

Consider some of the following, all taken from the Air Fun Games site.

Water Slides

When most party planners think of beating the heat, they think water slides. There’s no need to shell our big bucks for water parks when you can create one in your own backyard.

Air Fun has a vast number of water slides to choose from. Here are a few that can elevate your party into something memorable for everyone who attends.

Rampage Water Slide. The Rampage stands 21 feet high and has a half-moon design so that riders can travel down the slide, then back up another slide, and then back down again.

Mega Blue Crush. This is a huge slide, standing at 42 feet tall. The slide itself provides 100 feet of sliding fun. And it has multiple lanes so people can race to the finish line.

Hurricane. One of the biggest water slides available in Florida. Riders slide through a 360 degree turn into a tunnel, then hit another tunnel before splashing into the land zone.

Tropical Slip and Splash. In addition to having the perfect design with palm trees lining the slide zone, this rental features dual slides that barrel down into a long, wet splash zone. This rental simply looks like summer.

Dunk Tank

Why not go with a classic? The dunk tank has been around for many, many years for a reason – it’s pretty fun. Put someone on the seat and everyone takes a shot at hitting the target with a ball. Hit it and watch your friend plunge into a tank of water. These rentals are so popular that Air Fun has a variety of options to choose from, each with their own unique design.

Tropical Bar

For adult parties, rent the Tropical Bar with an eight-foot long bar and get the tropical drink machine. A nice, cool cocktail is an excellent way to beat the heat. The machine also can make non-alcoholic drinks if your party is aimed at the young folks in the house.

Foam Party Machine

This rental has a 20 x 20 inflatable arena that is surrounded by walls. It’s a soft, safe area that turns into a party when it is attached to a machine that pumps foam into it. Party guests will find themselves in up to four feet of foam – no reason to explain the popularity of that when it’s 90 degrees-plus outside!

These are just some of the rentals that can help you beat the Florida heat with your next party. Be sure to check out all the options and find the water-based rental that works best for you.

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