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Boosting Employee Morale & Team Effectiveness

Boosting Employee Morale

Managers try many different methods to build teamwork among employees, but games have proven a tried and true method of boosting employee morale through the years.

Corporate parties offer a chance to do a little team building while offering everyone a good time – not to mention giving them a break from the grind of the workplace.

So where to turn to find the best rentals that bolster morale for your employees? Party rental companies such as Air Fun Games in New Port Richey provide a good first stop, offering a variety of challenges and just pure fun that can bring a group of employees together like nothing at the office can.

Looking for ideas? Here are some taken from the Air Fun Games site.

Boosting Employee Morale Ideas: Rock Climb Wall

Insert your favorite joke about climbing the corporate ladder right here! However, unlike the scramble to reach the top of the organizational chart, a rock wall offers a challenge that can bring people together.

The Air Fun Games version towers 24 feet over the ground. No need for intimidation, however, as the wall comes with two routes for beginners, one for intermediate climbers and one for experts. Form teams that can help each other find the best route to the top, or engage in some friendly competition to see which team can get their first!

Ultimate Obstacle Course

Teams and challenges are the main focus of the Ultimate Obstacle Course, a monster of a course that is 110 feet long and has a height of 30 feet. Create teams to run a relay, pairing up people from different departments or who do not work closely together. Nothing builds a bond between people like trying to go as fast as possible through this.

It’s called “ultimate” for a reason. The course features a combination of three courses and includes tunnels, pop ups that contestants must avoid, a rock wall, a 25-foot climb and a slide. A challenge, but a fun one.

Inflatable Gladiator Joust

This one allows you to finally face Brad from accounting in an arena where you can stand on equal footing!

This arena allows two players to face off against each other in a jousting match. The game equips players with head gear for safety, as well as two padded batons. Players stand on pedestals and attempt to knock each other off with their padded jousting sticks.

Dunk Tank

No reference to rentals and corporate parties can pass without the classic dunk tank, which typically involves the boss being the one who gets dunked. Nothing brings a group of employees together quite like dunking the boss. We’re only sort of kidding, here.

Obviously, company party organizers have a variety of choices when it comes to planning a big party. Using these rentals, as well as a host of others, can build teamwork and bring people closer together. The idea is to get employees out of the office and having fun, giving everyone a chance to enjoy themselves while getting to know each better.

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