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College Events in Florida, Planning for Success

By July 26, 2016October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
College Events Florida

Florida, with its perfect fall weather, it’s a great place to have college events once the fall semester begins.

But when it comes to overseeing large-scale events it’s helpful to have professionals at party planning on your side. This can be especially true for college parties that could involve hundreds of guests.

As the fall approaches, those with the task of setting up and executing a large-scale college event would do well to reach out to party planners such as Air Fun Games in New Port Richey. They have years of experience planning and pulling off a large party.

College Events Strategy

When you are looking at a large-scale event, there are certain major issues you have to keep in mind. All of them revolve around creating a theme and planning strategy that is reasonable and well-thought out.

Here is look at some of the major issues.

Budget. Before you make the first decision, you have to know how much money you have available for your college event. Money dictates everything, from the number of people you can invite, the size of venue and the type of entertainment you can afford. Once this is set, you can move on to the specifics of the party.

Theme. Will you have a back-to-school event? A Fall Festival? A costume party around Halloween or a holiday-themed party near Thanksgiving or Christmas? Maybe a party built around a big fall football game, such as Homecoming? Pick a theme that you can afford, and also that will resonate with the college students you are trying to entertain.

Decorations and food. Once your theme is picked, it’s time to think about decorations and the kind of food you will serve. This is a time to tap into the skills and talents of the people you are working with to create the event. Huge cost savings can be achieved with “homemade” decorations. The same came be said for food, although renting a few concession stands could get the job done (see below).

Location, location. Nothing is worse than a large party in too small a space – or a small party in an enormous venue. Take the time to determine how many people will attend your event and rent a place that best suits that number (and is, of course, within your budget).

How Party Companies Can Help

A respected party company can help with all the phases mentioned above, particularly in planning and also with an enormous variety of rentals to help make the party memorable. Here are some of the areas to consider, with examples taken from the Air Fun Games website.

Concessions. Air Fun games offers a variety of food-related rentals, from popcorn and cotton candy machines to snow cone machines and tropical drink stations. If your party plans involve a “midway” area, they also offer concessions stands and tents as well as carnival games. They also can provide a power generator to keep everything running.

Games. As mentioned, there are many games available. They include a Dunk Tank, a football challenge (perfect for a party built around the “big game”), corn hole and Giant Jenga.

Inflatable slides. No matter what kind of slide you think you might need, a company like Air Fun Games likely has it ready to go. They include giant slides such as the Space Shuttle Turbo Slide (36 feet tall) and the T-Rex Dinosaur Slide, which features a large pink dinosaur.

Water slides. There are even more choices with water slides. There are huge slides such as the Mega Blue Crush and Rampage slides; slides you can race against others on such as the Double Lane  Kahuna and the Tropical Slip and Splash Slide; and the really huge slides, such as the Hurricane.

Thrill rides and interactive games. This is yet another category where you can find entertainment that will truly make your college event memorable. One popular choice, especially during the football season, is the Field Goal Challenge where players try to kick a ball from varying distances through an inflatable upright field goal. There are also large obstacle courses, rock-climbing walls, bumper cars, mobile zip lines and a foam party rental.

There are even trackless trains available if you want to provide a fun way to transport party guests around your event.

As you can see, a party rental company provides you a great number of fun choices to kick your party to the next level. Setting a smart plan for your event is the first important step. Hiring a reputable party rental company can be just as important, as they can give you an important party to make your college event that much more special.

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