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Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Corporate Holiday Party Ideas | Top Ways to Thank Employees

When it comes to the corporate holiday party, many organizations tend to fall short. That’s a shame because it’s the perfect time to show employees how much you appreciate their efforts.

It doesn’t need to be that way, either. There are plenty of great ideas on how to throw a fantastic corporate holiday party. We’ve shared seven of them below, as well as some gift ideas. Consider these as you plan your corporate holiday party. Make this year the best holiday party yet!

7 Great Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

What to do for the holidays? Here are some ideas that hopefully will get your creativity going.

Play Dress Up

Do your employees like to dress up? The blow it out with a theme party that allows them to create fantastic costumes for the big event. One of the best ideas is a throwback party that lets people dress up like it’s the 1980s, 1990s or even 1920s all over again.

Serve Great Food

Either pick a venue that serves great food or pick a caterer who offers tasty choices. Nothing says you care better than high-end food for employees. Conversely, nothing sends a worse message than bad sandwiches and a vegetable tray.

Vintage Games

Everyone spends so much time with gaming consoles or games on the Internet that playing something like Operation, Scrabble or Yahtzee will be a unique experience. Raid your childhood closet or go to a vintage game story to give everyone a chance to step back in time and play games that require you to actually talk to other people!

Rides and Games

Through an entertainment company like AirFun Games, you have dozens of choices on games, inflatable attractions and even thrill rides you can have at your corporate holiday party. Level up your party with the type of attractions that will give your employees an experience they will never forget.

Traditional Holiday Party

There’s nothing wrong with going with a giant Christmas tree decorated beautifully, twinkling holiday nights and decorations that include Santa, Rudolph and even the Abominable Snowman. Don’t forget the classic Christmas music, either.

Movie Night

It can be fun to set up one corner of the party, or an entire room, for showing great holiday movies and serving some popcorn and beverages. People love to watch movies together, and it doesn’t get much better than classics such as “Elf,” “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Use Airbnb

If you want to do something very unusual, consider going onto Airbnb and finding a home you can rent for a holiday party. You might be surprised at what you can find, and it will give your employees a great experience.

Great Gifts For Employees

It’s sometimes difficult to find a gift you can hand out to employees, like the turkeys or yesteryear. That’s not going to work in a world full of vegans and vegetarians. However, there are some clever gift ideas that may work for all your employees.

  • Sunglasses. Get everyone a new pair of shades. Because, you know, your corporate future is bright.
  • Emergency kit for car. Everyone needs jumper cables, a flashlight, tools and the other goodies that come in a car emergency kit.
  • Cash. A holiday cash bonus is always going to be a winner with employees.
  • Time. If you can’t offer cash, consider offering an additional day or two of personal time in the New Year.
  • Gift cards. Cards to a big box store such as Target is usually best, because of the variety of items offered.

You can also go with a Secret Santa party, which is an oldie but a goodie. That’s because every party is better when you know you are going to get a present, even if it’s some sort of gag gift. You know the drill: Have everyone pull a name from a hat and bring a gift for that person to the party.

Keep these party and gift ideas in mind as you get ready for your upcoming corporate holiday party. Your employees are the reason for your success. Show them that you can appreciate all that they do.

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