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Creating a Spider-Man Themed Party

By December 15, 2015October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Spider-Man Themed Party

If you’re holding a party for a special kid in your life – especially a younger kid – you really can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite web slinger, Spider-Man.

Spider-Man has a lot going for him. He’s funny, fair, strong and – perhaps most importantly – just a kid himself in most comics and shows. There’s a reason he’s been a favorite character in Marvel Comics since the 1960s.

So if you’re thinking about making your party centered on Spider-Man, congratulations. You’ve made a good choice and also one that’s easy to plan for, even on budget.

Spider-Man Decorations

Spider-Man is such a popular pop culture figure that you can find almost everything you need to decorate for the party already made and ready to go.

There are complete sets of Spider-Man plates, cups and napkins for when the gang dives into pizza (or whatever crowd-pleasing food you have chosen). There’s also a Spider-Man tablecloth and tableware that comes in Spidey’s colors: blue, red and black.

And of course there is plenty of wall art, including reprints of famous Spider-Man comic covers.

Party Favors

Once the party is over, you are going to want to give the kids something to remember it by. Plenty of online and traditional retailers offer party favor kits for your guests, which can include items such as balloons, cups, magnets and trading cards. For a few more dollars, you can get kits that include a lunch box, stickers and bubbles.

Personal Touches

While you will likely have to purchase some of the party supplies with the iconic Spider-Man image, you can also create some handcrafted touches that will make your party different.

Some ideas, culled from the Oh Happy Day website, include:

  • Draw a cityscape on a large piece of white butcher paper, then take pictures of the kids (in a Spidey costume of course) lying on the paper and holding onto a web, giving the impression they are swinging through the city.
  • Create “spider webs” by using some silly string – preferably in blue and red.
  • Make ice cubes with small plastic spiders frozen inside of them.
  • Build a giant spider web using yarn and then place it somewhere where the kids have to crawl through it.

Inflatable Fun

To really push the party to the next level, you can rent an inflatable Spider-Man bounce house. Party rental companies such as Air Fun Games in Central Florida have Spider-Man houses that are adorned with an image of the Wall Crawler and painted in bright red and blue.

Inside, there’s a large inflatable moonwalk that the kids will enjoy.

No matter what decorations you choose, planning and carrying out a Spider-Man party is relatively easy and, most importantly, sure to be a huge hit for the Spidey fan in your life.

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