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How To Entertain Thanksgiving Guests

By October 19, 2018October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
How To Entertain Thanksgiving Guests

Thanksgiving is a holiday that in recent decades has become about food and football, all enjoyed with family and friends. While that’s certainly a fun option, it’s also good to entertain thanksgiving guests by getting them out of the house and into a holiday mood, including hayrides, seeing holiday lights, bounce houses, a game of touch football, or seeing a movie.

Tips To Entertain Thanksgiving Guests

There’s plenty to do as the temperatures drop in Florida from “oh man is it hot” to “hey, it feels good out here.” Take advantage and get your family and friends together for some of the following activities.

Holiday Lights

In many neighborhoods, Thanksgiving weekend is the time to break out the Christmas lights and start decorating. That’s a time-honored tradition, as is piling everyone in the car and driving around to look at the best holiday light displays. It’s a sure way to get everyone, especially the kids, into a holiday mood.

Catch a New Movie

Thanksgiving weekend has become one of the top weekends to go to the theater and check out a new film. Usually, it’s a good mix of high-brow films coming out in time to get an Oscar nomination and family-friendly films. Or you can order up a classic Thanksgiving movie on a streaming service, such as “Planes, Trains, And Automobiles.”

Bounce Houses

For the little ones, nothing will get them to enjoy the afternoon more than a bounce house. We’re the experts on bounce houses here at Air Fun Games, where we have a giant selection of bounces houses that can meet your needs. That includes bounce houses with themes for superheroes, princess castles, and even the Tampa Bay Bucs Pirate Ship.

Play Football

Why just watch the football game when you can play one? Entertain thanksgiving guests in the backyard or down at the local park, choose up sides, and start your game of touch football. If you want to test everyone’s kicking skills, get an inflatable Field Goal Challenge and see who can make a kick under pressure!


Some old traditions are worth keeping, and a hayride is one of those. Most cities and even smaller towns have a hayride for both kids and adults to enjoy. Typically, everyone piles into a cart that is pulled by a truck, tractor or, in some cases, a team of horses. Travel the fields and enjoy the crisp fall air. Apple cider optional but recommended!

These are just some of the ways to entertain thanksgiving guests out of the house and get into a holiday-spirited activity. Make the most of Thanksgiving. It’s one of the best times of the year to enjoy the company of friends and family.

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