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Halloween Party Planning Tips

By September 26, 2018October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
Halloween Party Planning Tips

Halloween has long been the third-most popular holiday in the country. But let’s face it. For many people, it’s No. 1.

Christmas, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July are all great in their own ways. But no holiday combines fun, family, spooky chills and candy quite like a Halloween party.

Florida is fantastic for Halloween. By the end of October, the state has started its six-month run of spectacular fall and winter weather. Celebrating Halloween is a terrific way to kick it off.

Halloween Party at the Theme Parks

In Central Florida, it’s convenient to find Halloween-themed parties at the area’s many amusement parks. The most popular is Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens in Tampa and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando.

For the little ones, there’s Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

However, throwing your own Halloween party is a less expensive, more fun option. Inviting over neighbors, friends, and family for a night of having a party and handing out treats to trick-or-treaters is a great tradition.

Halloween Party at Home

Here are some issues to keep in mind as your plan for this year’s Halloween party.


Buy it now! By the time late October rolls around, candy prices will be high and so will the number of people shopping to buy them. If you go early, it’s easier to find discounts on big bags of treats.


This is another area where shopping early can save you big bucks. Party stores are a good place to start, of course. However, if you shop online you might find better deals. And with the quick shipping options available, you’ll have no trouble getting decorations on time. This is also an area where you can control how scary your decorations get.


Buying a costume is easy and shopping for them can be fun. However, it’s even more fun to make your own costumes together! Gather up the material you need for unused items around the house. You also can order supplies online. This is another area where it’s best to start early.

Halloween Entertainment Ideas

You are now on a site that is filled with great options for entertainment at your Halloween party. Look around for yourself. But here are a few options available through Air Fun Games.

Bounce houses. They come in too many styles to list here but include pirate ships, superheroes, petting zoos, monster trucks, and castles. This is the must-have area for Halloween parties with little kids.

Slides. For the older and more daring party guests, placing a giant slide at your party offers everyone a chance to do something they are not going to find at most Halloween get-togethers!

Thrill rides. Extreme rides can put the thrill into Halloween. You might not terrify your guests, but you will get their pulses racing with options such as obstacle courses, rock walls, mobile zip lines, mechanical bulls, and the Quad Power Jumper.

Keep these tips in mind when putting together your next Halloween party. All the above can add fun to the party. But the key ingredient is enjoying the holiday – and few frights and thrills – with your kids, friends, neighbors, and family!

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