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How to Host A Memorial Day Party

By April 13, 2018October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
How to Host A Memorial Day Party

Summer is almost here. There’s no better way to mark the start of the season then with a Memorial Day party.

Hosting a Memorial Day party doesn’t have to be a headache. The three-day weekend offers plenty of chances for a get-together. And there are many ideas for a party on Memorial Day that aren’t that hard to pull off.

Memorial Day Party Tips

We here at Air Fun Games know a thing or two about Memorial Day parties. All kinds of parties, really. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as the first weekend of summer approaches.

Keep It Simple

Pick a theme and go with it. But don’t feel it was to be complicated.

The most obvious choice is a patriotic theme. Considering that Memorial Day originated to pay tribute to those who have served their country, a patriotic theme also is fitting for the occasion.

Other popular choices evoke the joy that summer has finally arrived. They include throwing a beach-theme party or setting up your backyard like a giant water park.

Clearly, a water slide is the perfect edition for the beach and water park themes. It’s not a bad one for the patriotic theme, either. Especially if you pick this slide, considering the space program is one of the things that make this country great.


Decorating, of course, flows from the theme. You can go tropical and decorate with fake palm trees, napkins and plastic silverware with tropical themes and maybe a tropical drink machine.

You can never, ever go wrong with a red, white and blue decorating motif.  Festoon the area with red, white and blue balloons, tablecloth, napkins, flags and disposable utensil. We’ve seen parties with patriotic party hats and streamers.

While it’s not the Fourth of July, there’s really no way to overdue a patriotic theme on Memorial Day.


Grilling is the unofficial must-have food choice for Memorial Day. If you don’t have a grill or know someone who does, now is a good time to make the investment. Or, if you are in the Pasco County area, you can take advantage of the many parks that offer grills, tables, spectacular surroundings and beach access.

It’s also easy to get rentals that make food even easier, including machine for popcorn, hot dog and snow cones.

A table covered with many different choices is also a clever way to go, including water, soda, juice and beer (if the adults want one). You’ll need an ice chest (maybe too) and plenty of bags of ice (maybe three).


Any time you get together for Memorial Day, it’s good to have something that everyone can do together. Obstacle courses, slides, fun carnival games and bounce houses for the kids are just some of the ways to keep party-goers happy.

And if you want to throw an extra thrill into the party, consider an extreme rental that will help to create a Memorial Day party no one will soon forget.

Memorial Day is a day of reflection about those who sacrificed for this country, as well as a chance to gather with family and friends. Make it a special day and kick off the summer right.

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