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What Are The Latest Party Planning Trends?

What Are The Latest Party Planning Trends?

Party planning trends change each year, although some themes – like beach party or pirates – always remain popular. Some of the latest trends include technology, serving local-sourced food, using nature-inspired decorations and themes such as art deco and waterparks.

When brainstorming themes and decorating ideas for your upcoming party, consider some of the ideas below – whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday or a neighborhood block party.

Technology Party Planning Trends

At an event planner conference this fall in New York City, technology was featured as one of the latest party planning trends. This includes a Lite Brite you can rent and photo booths that allow party goers to take their own individualized pictures to commemorate the party.

Local Food

A lot of people are moving away from processed food and into local, organic produce and meat. This might require a trip to the farmer’s market or at least a quality produce section at your local grocery store. Seek out the freshest items available that are in season. Suggestions include blackberries, mint, vegetables of all kinds, grass-fed beef and even fresh seafood (if you’re lucky enough to live near the coast).

Comfort Food

On the other hand, if you don’t go organic, there’s no need to go “high-end,” either. An emerging trend in recent years is getting rid of fancy hors-d’oeuvres and main dishes and instead offering guests comfort food. What you serve depends on what you and your guests find comforting, but they can include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, sliders and French fries.

Nature-Inspired Decorations

Greenery is the way to go with current parties. Rather than build or buy elaborate decorations, think instead about using plants, flowers and natural greenery when creating your party space. It’s part of a trend to use what grows naturally in whatever area you live in to give the party a welcoming vibe.


A vintage party decoration is making a comeback. They can be balloons that spell out a message (“Believe in Unicorns!”) or simply a festive amount of colorful and differently shaped balloons placed around the party. Either way, balloons of all kinds are back in as a trend for party decorations.

Party Themes

Picking a theme is one of the biggest decisions for any party. These are some of the most popular party themes, according to posts on Pinterest.

  • Pirates (always popular!)
  • Lego-Themed
  • Superhero
  • Carnival
  • Art Deco
  • Any kind of sport (pick the one you or your guests are into, of course)
  • Beach or Coastal
  • Irish pub party (for adults)
  • Waterpark (once the warm weather rolls around)

Throwing a party is a lot of work – but also a lot of fun. Consider these trends when planning your next big get-together.

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