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How To Plan For a New Year’s Eve Party At Home

By November 30, 2017October 7th, 2022Party Rental Resources
How To Plan For a New Year's Eve Party At Home | NYE Party Planning

New Year’s Eve! A time to go out and celebrate the end of one year and make resolutions for the one about to begin.

It’s a wonderful tradition. Except, for many people, the “go out” part.

For those with families, staying close to home is a better option. And even those without kids might want to avoid crowded parties and expensive venues.

Thanks to party rental companies such as Air Fun Games in New Port Richey, having your own neighborhood New Year’s Eve Party is easier than ever. If you want to have a bigger event for dozens or even hundreds of people, consider some of the options below.

New Year’s Eve Games

Who wants to sit around sipping champagne when they can play against each other in thrilling contests? There are tons of games to choose from that are fit for adults and kids alike. You also can find food machines and tents to add to the fun.

Inflatable Slides

It’s Florida, so people are used to top-notch amusement parks. Even so, they will be excited by the selection of inflatable slides you can throw at them. For example, the Space Shuttle Turbo Slide is always a favorite. It features a spiraling slide with banked turns. It also stands 36 feet in the air with a giant inflated space shuttle on the side. Happy New Year, indeed.

Extreme Rentals

This is where the party goes from great to one they will never forget. The extreme rentals include rock walls, giant obstacle courses and the Xtreme Adrenaline Rush. That last one challenges people with obstacles, tunnels and avoiding giant balls. See what we mean by memorable?

There are also bumper cars, zip lines and trackless trains. Really, pretty much anything needed to challenge guests and show them a good time is available and ready to go.

For The Kids

Don’t forget the little ones! Even if they don’t stay up until midnight, they will enjoy the fun of a good bounce house. You can choose from giant pirate ships, superhero themes and princess castles, just to name a few.

New Year’s Eve is really meant to be fun for the whole family. Deciding to have a party in your own neighborhood is a wonderful way to make the night memorable for everyone in the family, as well as all your friends and neighbors, too.

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